Anyone wishing to attend this course will need to be qualified in electric file and gel Polish manicure as a minimum qualification. Additional training maybe required but for more info please e-mail us at

Proof will be required upon course application.

LOCATION: Twinz Nails Academy, 56 Red Bank Road, Blackpool FY2 9HR
DATES: Contact us to choose your date
DURATION: 1 day 7-8 hours
TIME: 9am – 5pm

CERTIFICATE: Twinz Nails Academy Certificate

Combined manicure training is the most advanced training in gel polish method. It’s addressed to people who have already gone through manicure training ( Technical training – Manicure) and know how to work with e-file. During the one- day meeting, you’ll learn how to choose the right file bits for a specific type of the nail plate or cuticles. You’ll receive all the necessary information for performing a deep cuticle skin removal, how to cut the cuticle with scissors and remove excess skin on medial and proximal nail fold. Instructor will show you how to apply gel polish colour under cuticles and how to enhance nails with base and apply top coat according to the light line. In the end, Instructors will tell you how to fix a broken nail and fill in the defects or overgrown manicure.

* different types of nail bits,
* choosing the right file bit for client’s nail plate and cuticles,
* theory and practice of deep skin removal:
-with scissors
* the proper way to apply polish “ under the cuticles” – with and without the brush, * building nail curves with a base coat,
*top coat application according to light line,
*fixing a broken nail, filling defects, and overgrown manicure.

By participating in the training, you will receive professional educational materials, thanks to which you will consolidate the acquired knowledge.

You’ll receive continued support from your trainer which means that you’ll always be one phone call away from expert guidance from a highly skilled Nail artist who cares about your success!
After course completion, you’ll become a member of the Association of Beauty Therapists (ABT), a highly regarded qualification which will also gain you discount on insurance.

We make sure that there are no more than 6 students on a course at one time, to ensure you get the one-on-one tutoring and attention you deserve. You’ll enjoy 10% discount on your next Twinz Nails course when enrolling on the training day.

Additional information:

Work on Your own nails, we provide equipment, tools and styling products.
We provide hot and cold drinks, snacks, warm meal and a huge dose of knowledge and motivation!

Additional information
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VIP training (Individual), 10th December


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