You do not need any previous experience to be able to attend this course.

LOCATION: Twinz Nails Academy, 56 Red Bank Road, Blackpool FY2 9HR
DATES: Contact us to choose your date
DURATION: 1 day 6 hours
TIME: 9am – 3pm

CERTIFICATE: Twinz Nails Academy Certificate

Elevate your nail care expertise and offer your clients an unparalleled experience with our Basic Manicure Course! Gain in-depth knowledge about handling Skin Disease & Disorder, Nail Disease, and Nail Disorders, ensuring you can identify and address potential issues with confidence. Master the art of perfecting nails through our comprehensive curriculum, including an Introduction to Manicure, Treatment Techniques, and the Manicure Procedure. With a special emphasis on Contra-action & Aftercare, you’ll be fully prepared to provide exceptional service and ensure lasting client satisfaction. Enroll today to unlock a world of possibilities in the realm of nail care!

Discover the gateway to your nail styling journey at Twinz Nails with our foundational Basic Manicure Course! This exclusive training, designed solely for VIPs, offers an immersive one-day experience where you’ll gain comprehensive knowledge and hands-on skills, beginning with the essential basics.

Immerse yourself in an enriching environment where you’ll learn the importance of maintaining a clean and secure workspace for both you and your clients. Our seasoned instructors will guide you through understanding the intricate anatomy of the natural nail, introducing you to professional terminology and providing comprehensive insights into the necessary products and tools vital for executing flawless manicure procedures.

By the end of the course, you’ll be adept at recognizing various skin and nail conditions, ensuring you can preempt potential hazards. Delight in exploring four unique manicure types, mastering the perfect polish application and understanding the art of hand massage techniques. Immerse yourself in a hands-on learning experience using our specialized educational materials, ensuring you grasp the concepts with ease.

Our commitment to your success doesn’t end with the course. Benefit from continued guidance, as our highly skilled Nail artists are just a phone call away to provide expert support whenever needed. Upon completion, you’ll be honored with a prestigious certificate and membership in the esteemed Association of Beauty Therapists (ABT), guaranteeing exclusive insurance discounts.

Indulge in our exclusive amenities, including top-notch equipment, tools, styling products, along with a complimentary array of hot and cold beverages, snacks, and a sumptuous meal, all while soaking in an abundance of knowledge and motivation. Enroll now for an individualized VIP experience and unlock the doorway to a thriving career in nail care!

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